Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart 5/5 (21)

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart
Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

Enhance Love in Heart of Husband for via Islamic Dua to Lead Happiest Married Life

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart, Living happy married life is not easy for couples today with a lot of distractions coming in their day-to-day life and busy work schedules that have made them be even more practical.

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart
Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

Everyone in this era, think from the mind and not heart and search benefit in their relationship. It has increased the rate of marriage failures today. Many wives believe in making Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart.

Evil effect is high in this cruel world and people cannot see other’s happiness out of their jealousy. However, if a woman is facing such a threat to her marriage.

she can take help of Islamic dua that is very effective and cannot doubt for its results. Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart is well trusted for solving marriage problems.

The reason behind Large Number of People Having Blind Faith in Islam

Islam is always a true faith which offers wonderful blessings. It guides everyone who is following it in the true sense and provides all answers thereby satisfying the deep thirst of curiosity of a person who is trying to find out answers in his or her life.

Islam also resembles other faiths like Christianity believing in Jesus. It has also been seen that Muslim believing in Jesus but as a prophet. It is very uncommon for one faith to believe in other but still, Islam shows it believes in Jesus. Still, Holy Quran narrates his name several times in it with due respect.

Islam relates to submission while on another hand, Muslim relates to the submitter. In case, muslim takes his moves in life honestly, they are actually following Islam in a genuine way.

dua to increase love in someone’s heart

A person following Islam by heart can feel an excellent change in his or her character and can also make his or her friends and family. Wife making dua can magically raise happiness in her life. Thus, mostly she relies in making Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart.

Most people rely on making dua from Allah to solve their serious uncontrollable life issues. Many make Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart, dua for a better life, financial issues, un treatable health issues etc.

It has only been seen in Islamic tradition that followers prey many times in a day. A usual number of prayers for Muslims is five in a day. They make a dua and gain forgiveness. The main aim behind Muslim’s prayers is to get a good character and lot of blessings.

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart
Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

There may also be other reasons for making dua. Like Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart, to get love back, solve health issues etc.

Those Muslims who do not pray in an ideal way can feel more positive in other Muslims who prey ideally in a recommended number of times. The magical change in the life of Muslims which comes after following Islamic rules and preys is responsible for making this faith successful.

Islamic Advice for Muslim Wives to Live Happy Life

According to Islam, Satan is the strongest enemy of married couples and may cause a heavy loss in the relationship of couples. Breaking marriages is his best meal ever.

He does this by creating a doubtful feeling among the couple. It makes couple strongly feel that the end of their relationship is an ultimate solution. There is no other way to solve the matter.

Satan very well knows the weaknesses of each person and thus triggers it in different ways. People emphasizing on whispering of Satan usually live in dark and are full of fear and anxiety.

In this way, they prevent themselves from the light of Allah’s commandments. According to Allah, a person should have only one type of fear that is fear of Allah.

The fear of Allah is the only fear in existence which can prevent a person to deviate from the right path. This way, one can easily escape from being a part of the evil gaming of Satan.Islam strongly recommends following suggestions for wives to have happy married life.

dua for husband to create love in his heart

Do Not Argue in any Case- There is a great need to avoid any sort of argument with husband by the wife as it the main cause of fire today. It is best for a lady to simply say sorry even after being innocent in any case. Fighting back can extend the fire and even can destroy your whole married life.

Take Responsibility of Comfort and Well-Husband of Husband-Trustworthiness and originality are the features of a good Muslim wife. Some more identifying features of a good wife in Islam are cheerfulness and enthusiasm for husband and his family too.

She also has the ultimate responsibility of keeping his house free from harmful things and negative behaviors like abuse, forbidden foods, bad behaviors etc. Also, Islam says that if a wife dies in the state when her husband is happy and satisfied with her, she goes to Jannah.

Obedient and Appreciating Nature- Wife may be filled with a lot of skills and intelligence, but still, she should treat her man like the head of the family and take care of him with full respect. She must try to fulfill all his wishes from her side.

Islamic Dua Works Magically for Extending Love in Heart of Husband

Allah being powerful and merciful listens to the prey of his follower done with pure soul and offer immediate help. Thus, dua can easily be regarded as a bridge between man and his creator. It directly connects man with Allah.

A wife facing serious threatening marital issues can make Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart in front of Allah. In this way, she will ask genuine help for saving her marriage. Also, when the husband of a wife is losing interest in her and is deviating towards other women.

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart
Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

she can also make dua for enhancing love in heart of her husband and saving her marriage. Dua is a means through which we can ask Allah to fulfill our need and we accept our weaknesses in front of him.

Islamic dua to extend love in husband heart will act as one of the most powerful weapons for a wife to retain her happy married life and extend it for a lifetime. In this way, she will not let her efforts for making the husband happy since starting to go waste.

Allah always listens through dua at the time of grief and sorrows. Few may consider duajust as means of solving needs and problems of life.

dua to increase love in husband heart

It is not true in any way rather Allah is the ultimate provider in this earth. Thus, via dua, a person pays thanks to Allah for everything and ask for guidance at the threatening period of life.

Dua for Enhancing Love in Heart of Husband

Here is dua for enhancing love for wife in heart of husband that works magically in their married life-

  • At first, have a shower.
  • Perform proper Wudu.
  • After performing Wudu, have a seat in calm place with no disturbing element.
  • Next step is to read dua given below for 303 times


Here are some more duas for developing love between husband and wife-

  • Recite Surah Ya Sin for seven times and also simultaneously blow breath via right hand’s palm on seven almonds kept separately. Offer them to spouse for eating them all.
  • Recite BISMILLAAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM for 786 times on a glass of pure water and let your spouse to drink the same.
  • To enhance understanding among couple recite surah al Jumu-ah on Friday and also prey to Allah for fulfilling the desire.

Dua To Get My Love Back In 3 Days

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