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Powerful Dua To Change Destiny
Powerful Dua To Change Destiny

Powerful Dua To Change Destiny

Powerful Dua To Change Destiny will change bad destiny or bad luck, it will also change my life and provide you great future.

There are phases in life when life could be full of sorrows, problems, difficulties. It could be financial difficulty, people problems, health issues, business failure, loss of loved ones, etc. Due to these issues, you get frustrated. You sometimes get fed up of life and its circumstances.

Powerful Dua To Change Destiny
Powerful Dua To Change Destiny

First of all, Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Because there is a powerful and staggering solution that you can do to turn your life upside down. We all do pray god regularly. Why not ask for his help when we are in trouble? And he listens to every devotee and fulfills all their wishes. Here is a powerful dua to change destiny:

‘Abdul khair sabaina jubir shadamadum-al-shamahi kadum al’qayamat kadair kadeem shutar-al-khadr yasir nadeem samaa jumma-e-shabam.’

Meaning, O Allah! Hey, paravdigaar! I seek your refuge. Bestow me with the abundant grace of yours so that I can succeed in my life. Give me all that I can’t have any other desire left. I know you are kind and I have full faith in you as a devotee. Bless me.

There is a saying in Hindi: ‘Bhagwan ki darbaar me der hai, magar andher nahi’ It means, god might get late, but he never turns you down. Similarly, you have to keep trying, and you do succeed.

Use this powerful dua to change destiny regularly, and you will see the results soon. Generally, people get results within two weeks. Yes, you heard it right. And that is why used to word ‘powerful.’ Try it. And then share with your loved ones to change their destiny.f

Dua To Change Bad Destiny

Dua To Change Bad Destiny, Bad luck can strike anyone. You can try all that you could, but if it has to go sideways, it will go sideways. No matter what you do, how you do, in contrast, you will fail. But there is a solution. There is one thing that you can do to change your bad luck into good luck. They say nobody can do anything to misfortune but Allah can.

Our spiritual power is a lot more than we can imagine. We need to experience it to realize it. And now is the best time to do that. Here is a dua to change lousy destiny.

‘Shadab maqibul yasieem yamadul-al-jameen al’khabair shadimul kardeem zubair yaseer qayamt-e-shaqeeqat jaleem zaheel umair baijaan rakht waqeeb’

It translates something like this, hey aka! Hey, master of all! Change my life upside down. Convert all my sorrows into streams of happiness. I am your slave you, and I pray you always. Grant me a favor and show me with the pleasure.’

Use this dua when there is a moon in the sky. Face towards any masjeed nearby. You don’t have to be present in the masjeed. But make sure you have had your bath before you start using this dua. Make sure yo have no footwear. And there is no black color on your body.

Which means, don’t wear black clothes, kajal, surma, bangle, thread, pendant, ring, etc. You must avoid black color while chanting this dua. Best time to chant this dua is immediately after you namaz.  By immediate means, you need to start reciting it within half an hour. Remember you need to do it alone.

Dua To Change Bad Luck

Ever felt that you are failing in spite of trying everything you could? Even if you follow successful people, you might get caught somewhere along your path, and you get stuck. You know, you worked hard, but things don’t fall into places. And precisely those things come in your way on which you do not have any control.

Well, you might not have control over it, but the creator has. The great Allah can change the things for you. Thus, you will be able to overcome all the hurdles. Here is a dua to turn bad luck. You can use this to change the unfortunate circumstances.

‘A’udhu bismillahir al hamdu hamanir ghairil maliki wa lad ihdinas lam yulad ahad lahu alihim hamdika kasmuka allahu rahim kufuwan ahad adhim subhana’

Translation of it can be something like this, Hey paravdigar! Hey creator of all, forgive me for any sins and bless me with your warm-heartedness. I beg you to change my misfortune into prosperity. Cascade your benediction onto me.

This dua was given in a mosque situated in Assam. It was given by a Molvi Ji who appeared from nowhere. Nobody knew who he was, but he directly distributed this dua handwritten on paper to five people. And he went.

Now out of these five people used this dua to change bad luck and to their surprise, they turned their life upside down within fifteen days. They told this to other people. Out of those 5, the third one used this dua which he had not used before. He got a huge deal in his business, and he started a new branch of his company in the next town.

Dua To Change My Life

A straightforward man was living in a village called chandragaon in Kerala. He was a religious man. Every time, he used to donate things to a beggar sitting outside the mosque where he used to come to pray. He was well known among all the beggars because he was very a great donor.

One day he saw a new beggar. He donated him too. The beggar gave his blessing. And searched something from his bag and gave a folded paper to him and said this is for you. The man went home and opened the paper. This dua:

‘Hadu rasuluhu muhammadin sallimasihid inni a’udhu qabri rak’ ahs ‘isha tashahhud dhuhr asr jummu’ah il-lal lahu ‘alaika ghairil la ilaha ghairuka rabbiyal a’la.’

The translation of this dua is, Oh Lord, I praise you. I am thankful for all you gave me. Keep on cascading your grace upon me so that I can get all the things that I want. I am your servant; I will always keep you happy. Bless me, Lord.

He tried reciting this dua after his namaz. This dua changed his life forever. He then started addressing this dua as a dua to change my life. Most noteworthy, the man searched for this beggar, but he couldn’t find him. Seems like, even other beggars didn’t know anything about him.

So the man started sharing this dua to other people. Those who used this dua for over two weeks got even more staggering results. Now, this dua is very widely spread in the village, and all call this dua to change my life.

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