Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying 5/5 (14)

Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying
Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying

Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying

Spells to make him come back crying, This spell make him cry or also you can use it on someone to make him cry for you. it is really powerful spells to make someone realize your importance.

There are many boys out there who tend to leave their girlfriend for another girl. All their friends know that the other girl is not good for him, and also he hurt his girlfriend by doing this, but these boys don’t listen. They don’t care about their girlfriend.

Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying
Spells To Make Him Come Back Crying

They leave her in pain, suffering, and sorrow. Some girls don’t even have an idea about what happened. For most of them, it is very abrupt as well as tragic. The pain is so unbearable that you feel, even your enemies should never go through this.

You are very well aware, it is not about you, but it is about him. It wasn’t your fault at all. You didn’t do anything wrong or bad. Nor it is like that you lack something. It is his nature and tendency that made him do something like this. So now you want him to realize his mistake.

There are many spells to make him come back crying to you. Here is one of them:

‘Sarava bhutam samavesham

Ghrutag ham paristhyatah

Swapne bhye vam bidha chinta

Mrugendrasya ka jayate.’

This only one of the spells to make him come back crying, that requires you to pluck his single hair from his head. Once you get your hands on his hair, you have to chant above mantra holding the hair in your right hand. Chant it three times.

Then press the hair in your left hand and again sing it three times. Now it is charged, and you have developed the power. Now all you have to do is carry that hair with you whenever you go out.

Make Him Cry Spell

Make Him Cry Spell, Sometimes you develop this grudge towards him. You want him to suffer in the same way that you did. You sometimes tend to create this feeling of vengeance. Then here is making him cry spell for you

‘Swayam vidhmaha guyhamte

Namo vijaye shwaraha

Namo pujyamtu dhyayante

Kuro pujo maheshwaraha’

You have to find a banyan tree. Carry four onions with you. Wear white clothes. Do not carry it in a bag or something. Tie it loosely in a red color dupatta. You have to put banyan tree leaves on the floor.

Keep for onions on them. Face to the north-west direction. Out these four onions, hold two onions in your both hands. Close your eyes and chant this mantra five times. Finally, when you are done, set the onions on fire. Wait until all onions are turned into ash.

Now take a pinch of the ash and apply tilak of it on your forehead. And on your way back, donate this red color dupatta to anyone needy. Now that is what give you the spiritual power. The process is simple but not many people know this spell. You will develop such type of attraction that he will be compelled to come back.

Also, this power would create a kind of environment where he would not be happy living away from you. He will feel remorseful about his deeds. Although this makes him cry spell is rarely known, whoever used it, has certainly benefited from it. And they now are leading a happy life either with him or without him because it gives excellent fulfillment.

Spell To Make Someone Cry For You

Spell To Make Someone Cry For You, Ever been in a situation where you had to suffer from the pain that you don’t deserve? Even been in a case where you had cried for someone who doesn’t even deserve to be with you? Well, many people face this difficult situation in life.

Many people have gone through this phase at least once in their lifetime. You develop a feeling that the person has to understand what he/she has lost. What they did to you and what they might be missing in their life.

Well, here is a spell to make someone cry for you. (Disclaimer: This is a highly effective spell. Do not attempt to cast it on the wrong person.)

‘Namai chand pujyante

Shad bhavo neet vijam

Prapnoti yam vaham patu

Ira pito virajate’

You have to by heart this mantra. Now the process of by hearting should not happen by reading it. Choose red color pen and start writing it down on a white paper. Use a green color candle. You can use more than one candle.

You have written this down only after sunset and in the light of the green candles. Once you are sure that you can chant it without looking at it, then burn the paper in the flame of the candle. While burning make sure you start it from any of the four corners of the article. Agni devata (fire god) would take care of the rest of the things.

Within a matter of a few weeks, you will get a call from that person and will be desperate to meet you. And his/her happiness would depend on your will. This is the power of this spell to make someone cry for you.

Spell To Make Someone Realize Your Importance

Spell To Make Someone Realize Your Importance, Many a time, in love life, you have to face avoidance or rejection. And you don’t get what to do. You develop a rage towards that person. You feel that he/she should realize your importance. Here is a spell to make someone understand your concern.

‘Namaskaroti pujyante, namo vaahe jitendriyaha

Namah tasyai stanam kahi, nami dehi pujeshwaraha!’

First of all, Visit lord Shankara temple on Monday. Wear white clothes. Carry half liter milk and half kg of sweets that are made out of milk. Sit in the temple and start reading this mantra.

Do not stand up until you by heart it. Once you are done by hearting, stand up and offer the milk to Lord Shankara by pouring it on the lingam. Go towards Nandi (the bullock that is known as mode of transport of Lord Shankara) and whisper this mantra in his left ear.

Again sit in front of Lord Shankara lingam and take out your jap-mala. Your mala has to have at least 108 mani. Now start chanting this mantra and complete the mala at least once. You have to repeat this for at least three weeks every Monday.

Since the next week, you will start realizing the results. You might start hearing from your friends that he/she has begun repenting what they did to you. They might start trying to contact you on social media.

They might start to like your posts or status. You might begin to getting msgs like good morning, hii, how are you, etc. Thus, his spell to make someone realize your importance is very compelling and has a strong effect.

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