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Spell to Attract Good Neighbors
Spell to Attract Good Neighbors

Spell to Attract Good Neighbors

Spell to Attract Good Neighbors, The first thing you look out when hunting home in the neighborhood. That is because good neighbors can add value to your experience living in a place. Neighbors often become extended families taking part in our happiness and sorrows. Which is why it is of paramount importance that one has good neighbors? To ensure that you get good neighbors you can use the simplest form of a Voodoo spell to attract good neighbors.

Spell to Attract Good Neighbors
Spell to Attract Good Neighbors

We, humans, are a social being. The general perspective is that today we are busy to even talk to our neighbors. But that is not the case. We all want good neighbors. But can you control how the next-door neighbor turns out to be? With Voodoo spells, you can. You will need to use the spell to attract good neighbors, which is a harmless way of ensuring you attract positive energies.

The spell to attract good neighbors can also be used to find good friends for your kids. If you are a family with children, then one of the criteria while selecting a house is to have neighbors with children. But just having friends for your child is not enough. What matters is having a good influence. Growing children get influenced by everything around them and as parents, you would want to ensure the influence is right. By using the spell to attract good neighbors, you can serve this purpose. Have a good family as neighbors with good culture among their children.

Often, out of courtesy to another person’s privacy, we don’t dwell much into your neighbor’s life. But often this ignorance comes as a shock, when you learn that your neighbors are not the kind of people you want to be around, especially, with your family. To ensure that you only attract good people into your lives, use the spell to attract good neighbors.

At times, it’s possible that you may have a good family as neighbors, but your relationship gets strained due to some unavoidable conflict. As time passes, this strained relationship turns into animosity, making it difficult for both parties to coexist. You can avoid such conflicts and even resolve any existing conflicts by using the spell to attract good neighbors. You can then initiate a peace-offering and the neighbors would be more receptive to your friendship.


You will need the following ingredients to cast the spell to attract good neighbors:

  • A post-it or any blank piece of paper
  • A new pen, preferably ink-pen.
  • Soil from the plot/property in your neighborhood
  • Anew glass jar with lid
  • Some honey
  • And a candle, preferably black & yellow candles to represent the bees.

Once you have everything ready, you can proceed with the steps for casting the spell to attract good neighbors:

  1. Write down the address of the neighbor’s property/plot on the piece of paper. As you write, visualize a friendly neighbor.
  2. Fold it in a proper square and put it inside the jar.
  3. Then, sprinkle the soil you got from the neighbor’s property.
  4. Then pour honey into the jar. Again, visualize the kind of neighbor you would like to have.
  5. When the jar gets full of Honey, close the lid and seal the lid with molten candle wax.
  6. Place this jar by the window where sunlight falls.
  7. Now, every morning, stand by the jar and chant the following spell

“This honey shall attract and pull all good energies towards me. I will welcome all the good energies as they come to me. I will cherish every happiness and joy with gratitude.”

  1. When you see the old neighbors moving out or new neighbors checking the place, bury this jar in the neighbor’s property.
  2. Once you have achieved, ensure that there are no fights or arguments in your house among your family members. Remember, good energies attract good energies. Share love and companionship among family members.

Voodoo Spells and Witchcraft have been often looked down upon as something evil. However, this is far from the truth. Harnessing nature’s energy to maneuver through the workings of the universe is primarily, a knowledge, that ancient humans had. As we marched towards modernization, we discarded much such good knowledge and wisdom. And only a few people were left with such knowledge.

Some of them used it for the wrong reasons, which is the main reason, people started fearing voodoo and witchcraft. But knowledge by itself is never bad. You can use the spell to attract good neighbors to attract good neighbors and have a healthy rapport with them. You can be there for them in times of their need. And likewise, they can be part of your life too. There’s no harm done in this entire process to any living being.

All witchcraft and voodoo spells can initiate a significant amount of magical influence over the events of life, but what would sustain this magic is ultimately the human interaction. Be good and you will forever attract good energies.

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