Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa 5/5 (14)

Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa
Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa is a urdu term and peoples also called it kala jadu khatam karne ka amal. You can use it for kala jadu se nijat pane ki dua or kala jadu se bachne ki dua.

The evil eye is something that you would not like to be on you. Furthermore, the effect of black channelized by the evil eye is something to stay away from. To live a stable, peaceful, and calm life is what you wish for.

Enjoying the love of loved ones, showering them with your lover is what you wish to do. Living each moment of life to the fullest is what that matters above all. Generally, all of us have a similar kind of wish,

Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa
Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

However, not everyone around you thinks the same way. Your happiness and prosperity can be difficult to digest for someone. This can be anyone from your near ones like friends, colleagues; family. He/she can plan destabilization of your life.

Generally, a pattern of common motives attracts such actions from the person. These motives can be:

  • To take revenge from you
  • Jealousy over your progress
  • Love triangle issues
  • Financial gains
  • Professional lead
  • Destruction of your life

In all the cases the motivation is to harm you. The acting force behind it would be black magic (kala Jadu). Kala jadu is some real brute negative force. Especially, when it is triggered to cause large scale harm.

In this case, your life may also be a threat. By the time you trace its effect, you might have faced the damage. Thus, responding when you see something unusual is the best option.

Kala jadu khatam karne ka wazifa can be a great help in this regards. The wazifa is an Amal which would soon give you results.

Kala Jadu Khatam Karne Ka Amal

Black magic is a high intensive force. Furthermore, it has both positive and negative sides to it. Generally, the negative side is enticed by evildoers to get benefits.

Casting a spell of black magic on someone for his/her destruction is common. You can found yourself under the effect of a similar spell. Thus, your alertness and precautionary measures that you take are key.

There are chances that you can perish under the effect of black magic. However, there are equal or more chances of you conquering it. All depends upon the cure you opt for.

Generally, the selection of Amal (solution) to breakthrough black magic is difficult. For a common man, such a solution might be strange. However, this can’t be the excuse for leaving things in the hand of situations.

When a useful solution exists then why to face trouble, the answer we are talking about is a tried and tested one. Kala jadu khatam karne ka amal is what we are talking about.

As a result of performing the Amal, you can give black magic a befitting reply. For performing the  amal follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Get fresh in the first place
  • Now, take lemon in your hand
  • To begin with a cut this lemon into two halves
  • Next, visit four crossroads (Choraha) near your house
  • In the meanwhile pray God for his blessings
  • Face towards the north-side
  • Throw one part of lemon in the north side
  • Finally, throw the other region in the south side
  • Regularly perform this Amal for three days

Kala Jadu Se Nijat Pane Ki Dua

Apart from regular Amals (Solutions), Quranic Amal is too effective against black magic. For resisting the force of black magic, Quranic methods can be of great help.

Quranic methods have the holy wordings enshrined in them. These wordings are useful especially in regards to their pious effect. Generally, Quranic Amals are thought to be ineffective against black magic.

However, Quranic Amals are the ultimate solution for it. Quranic, methods like Dua and Wazifa are quite brilliant to get results soon. All that is required is your faith in the first place.

The faith of the performer is at the core of all operations. The purity of heart and soul coupled with confidence can do wonder. You can get the black magic done and dusted in no time.

Dua has that power to do the course correction effectively. It is a force that can hit the black magic on its chin. Kala jadu se nijat pane ki dua can be your ultimate savior.

For performing Kala jadu se nijat pane ki dua following procedure is to be followed:

  • In the first place perform Wudu
  • Next, sit near the Holy Quran
  • To being with Open Ayaat e Ista’azah
  • Now recite this for a total of 7 times
  • You can also recite it for 3 and 11 times as well
  • Recite this regularly in morning and evening
  • After each series of recitation give a blow
  • Blow on the water and provide the affected person to drink
  • Take pure water and give a blow on it as well
  • Sprinkle this water on the walls of your house
  • Regularly perform the process for 40 days

Soon you would be able to see the effect of black magic dying.

Kala Jadu Se Bachne Ki Dua

For a safe and secure life, it’s essential that you adopt safeguards. By safeguards, it means to shield yourself correctly from negative forces. Negative forces can come in any form.

One of its forms is black magic. Black magic, especially of high intensity, can be a real force. Generally, black magic is thought to be non-reversible. That is once channelized it can be reversed or stop.

As a result of this misconception, people don’t take action against it. If left on its own the spell of black magic is capable of causing permanent damage. Therefore acting against on time is the wise move.

Kala jadu se bachne ki dua is the solution that needs to be practiced. Kala jadu se bachne ki dua can be a real game-changer in this case. The cumulative effect of black magic would get neutralized.

The process to perform Kala jadu se bachne ki dua is as follows:

  • Cleanse your body in the first place
  • To begin with, perform the daily routine of Namaz
  • Next up recite the dua:

Alee Qa Maa Leeqa Aanta Al Il Mee Maa Fee Quloon Bihim Mali

Qa Fir Auna Hamma Na Shad Da-Da Num Ruda, Urada Dakya Nusa

Ji Juna Meee Juna Layna Ya Mal Unanna Fi Naa Ri Jahannam Da Fa

Ummus Sibyani Al Khan Na Si Min Junu Dee Wa Ib Lisa

  • Recite this dua after every farz’s Namaz
  • After recitation give a blow on the glass of water
  • Drink that water or give to the person affected
  • Regularly perform this for a total of 21 days

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