Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love 5/5 (8)

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love
Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love or for love marriage also use to find love, we also provide you dua of hazrat dawood for lost love for sure work.

Love is a sacred relationship between two beautiful souls. It spreads happiness between them. It helps them to create a sacred marriage relationship. Love should be pure between the two lovers.

Illicit relationships based on lust rather than love is not acceptable in Islam. According to different studies, loving relationships have not succeeded so far than love after marriages.

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love
Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love

Islam believes that love traditional marriages should be giving importance than love marriages. Those relationships based on lust lead towards destruction and far away from deen Islam. So they are not acceptable on any ground. Relationships that are based on true love remains for a lifetime.

Today people strongly believe in love. They want their lover to be with them forever. But somehow due to family issues or you are facing a problem which will not allow you to marry your loving person. This often happens as many parents do not agree to accept the love relationship of their children. The fact cannot be ignored that every parent wants a well-settled financially stable bride or groom for their son or daughter.

They have immense love for their children and took care of their every choice. Parents are the real lovers of their children in all their happiness and joy. Islam permits a man or woman to love for a reason, whether known or unknown. It allows like a specific person whom he or she wants to marry and wish to become added in his/her spouses.

If they have a real feeling for each other and want to marry, they can. This act is not haraam in Islam. But making haraam conversations based on love before marriage is strictly prohibited. If you want that the person whom you love should also love you. Then do this below wazifa;

  • You have to start fasting. Start fasting on Thursday. Wake up at night just before Fajr Nimaz on Thursday and make ‘Wadu’ pray two rak’ ats of nafl nimaz.
  • Then you have to write the following ayat on a piece of paper 9:129

“Fin tawallu Fakul Hasbanallahu La illhaha

illallahu Alahi Tawaqalt Wahuwa Rabull Arishil Azeem.”

  • Recite this ayat thirty times and every time recites this dua after the ayat:

Allahuma Atifa Qalbi Falan Bin Falanta Ala Falanta binti Falanta

  • After this wrap-up the piece of paper around your right arm or shoulder.

InshAllah, your love will spread and will increase with time.

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love Marriage

Hazrat Dawood Dua For Love Marriage, This often happens for two lovers when they want to turn their love into marriage. They get different hindrance from all family members to move forward and to tie a knot. They love any from their family does not accept the marriage. Your friends, relatives, and parents are particularly opposed to their love marriage.

Being in an illicit relationship is haram in Islam. If you love someone you have not to indulge in haram relationship with that person. You should directly go to their house and give a proposal of marriage to their parents.

In Islam, Allah permits both woman and a man to pray Allah so that the person whom they love will come into their life. You have to pray Allah so much that your all family members will accept your love with an open heart. At this point, it is hard to convince any members of your family to love marriage.

You have to pray Allah very hard with good intent from your heart. So that to make your love life turned into a happy marriage. If your family members are not convinced, The dua for love marriage is the best solution for this problem. This is given below;

  • This dua should be done consecutively for 11 days.
  • First of all, make wadu
  • Recite Surah Yaseen sharif three times.
  • Recite “ Ya Allahau Ya Fatahu” 303 times

Also along with this Wazifa both the girl and boy should also do this Wazifa after Friday prayers;

  • Recite Durood Shareef 10 times.
  • Read “ Ya Wadudu” 1001 times.
  • Again durood Shareef 10 times.
  • Blow it on some amount of salt and keep this salt at some clean place inside the house.
  • Both boy and girl have to recite for the consent of their parents respectively
  • Add this salt to the food of your parents and keep good behavior towards your parents.

After you have done this Wazifa for 11 days, insha Allah, your parents will get convinced for your love marriage.

Dua Of Hazrat Dawood For Lost Love

Dua Of Hazrat Dawood For Lost Love, Love helps two persons to get their mutual relations better and helps them to be confident and loyal towards each other. It gives a responsibility for both the persons to care and help each other in happenings of life.

Every person needs the help of one or the other person to live peacefully in the world. As we need the help of relatives, siblings, spouses, and parents to share our experience and gain experience from them which can lead to living a better life. if you lose love at any point of your life.

You will feel broken from your heart and sad. If you love your husband or you love your wife. This love is somehow broken by any of the disputes, by fight, by some other reason. You need dua to get his/her love back. Here is dua to get your lost love back;

“Allahummaj-almin azwajina, wah dhuriyaatina qurata a-ayunin waj-alna lil mutaqeena immama”

Recite this dua day and night to get back your lost love.

Hazrat Dawood Dua To Find Love

Hazrat Dawood Dua To Find Love, Everybody needs some special one to love him in this world. No person can live without love. Nowadays, it becomes complicated for every person whom to love or who is a better person for him/her to enjoy. The modern age has changed the value of love. If you are not able to find your match your future lover. The guy or girl whom you can trust for rest of life. Here is dua for this problem;

  • First of all, make wadu and perform two rakats of nimaz nafl. Recite surah Yaseen after surah Fatiha in every rakat. Praise Allah for what he had given to you and then say;

Allahuma Arzikini zawjata wadaawodu walwada shukoor Gairu innun ahsanatu shukrt inna asatu gafrat wainna zukirtu Allah taala iyanat wainna nistu zukirat wainna kharajtu minindiha hufizat wainna dakhilat alaha sirat wainna amartha ataatni wainn aqsimat aalaha abrat kasmi wain gazabat aaliha arzitni yazul jalal wal ikraam hab li zulk fainnama asaluka wala akhaz illa mamanat wa Saadiyat.”

Recite this dua after the nimaz nafal two ra’kats. You will find your love.

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