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Wazifa To Attract Customers
Wazifa To Attract Customers

Wazifa To Attract Customers

Wazifa To Attract Customers, Earning a livelihood is the primary concern of every family. Those who are more resourceful than rest, pursue business than working for someone else. And with business, come a lot of challenges.

In a normal job, as long as you do your work right, you get paid by the end of the month. But in a business, you are responsible for every aspect of the business.

Wazifa To Attract Customers
Wazifa To Attract Customers

If you are a businessperson who has put in years of hard work and money into the venture and are going through a difficult time, getting new customers, then you can use the attract customers wazifa, and help your business grow.

Business thrives when one is constantly expanding. Even if you are venturing into new territory and just setting up a new base, you will need Allah’s blessings to grow your business in the new area. Use the wazifa to attract customers and kickstart your new business branch right away in any place.

wazifa for customers

Even though every individual believes, he’s making a conscious decision in choosing a vendor or business associate, at the bottom of all the rational, is an instinctive thought that convinces one to trust the particular brand or company. It is this intangible factor in one’s perception that is triggered when you use the it.

However, for the wazifa to attract customers, to work for you. You need to indulge in fair business practices, refrain from any acts of sin or crime and be a strong believer of Allah’s teachings. Do not be greedy and just try the wazifa to attract customers, to get more than what you have. The wazifa works when you have a clear intent, fair need and absolute capabilities to handle more customers.

There is no point in performing the ritual if you are in no position to handle new customers or are compelled to deliver sub-standard products or services.

While you may think since you are doing the wazifa to attract customers, you will get more customers, but the fact of the matter would be that even if the customers come, you wouldn’t be able to meet their demands and eventually end up losing the customers.

wazifa for more customers

It is therefore critical, that you do the best you can to accommodate and please your customers before you try the wazifa to attract customers. The wazifa when done right, will not just make your business look lucrative and profitable to your customers.

but even make them trust your brand and company more strongly than ever. If there’s been any disagreement or misunderstanding, that too will clear by itself and you will share a more symbiotic relationship with your customers.


Perform the following ritual daily for 15 days.

  • It is critical to the ritual that you first do proper
  • After you are done with the Maghrib prayer, proceed with this ritual.
  • Start by praising Allah for his mercy.
  • Then recite the Surah Al-Waqi’ah(56), once.
  • Then, after the Namaz-e-Isha and before the Namaz-e-Fajr, recite the Surah Al-Waqi’ah (56), again 7 times.
  • Chant any oneaayat from Darood Shareef, 11 times.
  • Then recite the below dua 100 times.

la tudrikuhual absaru wahuwa

yudrikual absarawah

uwaalla teefual khabeeru

  • Now,recite the following dua, 7 times.

wa faaaa ltafaaal atakaall

atee faaaa lta waan

ta mina alkafireena

  • Now again, chantDarood Shareefayaat, continuously 11 times.
  • Ask Allah for his blessings and give you success in your business and bless you with more customers.

wazifa to get customers

Within months of doing the wazifa to attract customers, you will see the positive effect taking place. Your workplace will thrive with new customers coming in as well as old customers returning. Business will grow and you will be successful in your endeavor.

After you have done the wazifa to attract customers, you may feel the urge to revamp your workplace or invest more. You may even change some of your business strategies and marketing approach.

If this happens, don’t feel alarmed about it. Know that Allah is at work, safeguarding your business and he works in mysterious ways. Keep your faith in Allah and let the good things happen and follow its course. Soon, you will see the results.

Businesses thrive on relationships. While one may have excellent product and services, it’s the relationship that attracts customers to you.

powerful wazifa for increase customers

To smoothen your relationship with existing customers and attract new customers, use the itYou can also approach an expert Islamic Astrologer and ask for a more focused solution. The Astrologer can perform the wazifa for more customers based on your expectations and requirements and offer you an energized Taveez, that you can either wear or keep it at the workplace.

Keep your faith in Allah and indulge in the good business practice. Insha Allah, with Allah’s grace you will flourish in your business and be showered with good customers.

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