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Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr
Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr

Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr

Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr or for eaten sihr can e use for sihr of separation. Solve your problems like how do you know if you are afflicted by sihr?

Which Ruqyah Use To Find Hidden Sihr?

Ruqyah (incantation) is a prayer or dua for protecting oneself from evil, jinn, or demon. These are some of the verses from the Quran.  It would help if you used these verses to protect yourself from evil.

Ruqyah is use to find the hidden sihr. Sihr is black magic. It is a thing or situation which appears real, but in reality, it is not real because it is satanic. Sihr is using to harm, deceive, kill, or make one’s relationship worse.

Sihr is a group of words which affect your body, mind, and soul. In sihr, there is an agreement between an evil (shaitaan) and a sorcerer(Sahir) where evil(shaitaan) helps sorcerer in doing the witchcraft against someone.

Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr
Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr

Ruqyah is a blessing of Allah to find a hidden sihr and destroy it. That’s why you should use ruqyah to rectify the problems you are facing now because of sihr.

These problems in terms of your worsening relationship with someone or your illness. It is necessary to destroy sihr because it is harming you.

Ruqyah To Find Hidden Sihr-

A’udhuu kaimat-Allaha bi ill-tamah miin shaitaan kuli waa hamah waa miin ‘aniin kuli lamah

Before performing ruqyah you have to do-

  • Make sure you do proper ablutions before ruqyah.
  • Leave things from your life, which are unethical, and seek repentance from Allah for your wrongdoings.

Steps to perform Ruqyah to find hidden sihr-

  1. Find a clean and isolated place.
  2. Put an image of that person whom you think is the victim of sihr.
  3. Lit a Diya in front of that image.
  4. Recite ruqyah to find hidden sihr 151 times in a day for 120 days.

When ruqyah to find hidden sihr is completed, you find the hidden sihr due to the use of ruqyah.  Earlier sihr is working against you, and there is a problem in your life because of sihr. But now by using ruqyah, you should destroy sihr so that you can live a happy and peaceful life.

Which Ruqayah (incantation) Use For Eaten Sihr?

Ruqayah (incantation) For Eaten Sihr, Eaten sihr means you consumed black magic by eating something. You are a victim of black magic because you eat something which is the source of black magic.

Effects of eaten sihr-

  1. It prolonged stomach or digestion problem.
  2. Unbearable pain in belly or chest.

These are some of the signs of eaten sihr. So that you have to understand because of eaten sihr, there is a problem in your life. But, now you do not have to worry about eaten sehr because we are here to help you by providing ruqyah for eaten sehr.

Ruqyh is a powerful divine tool that is used against the evil of eaten sihr.  It is a dua to protect people from black magic. Sihr is one type of black magic; that’s why ruqyah is a remedy to it. As a result of such of eaten sihr, you get rid of the evil effects of eaten sihr.

Ruqayah (incantation) for eaten sihr-

Allaha-Lahuum Raĥhmaatak ‘Faalaā aarjū Takileenī ‘Naafsiī Illaaá Ţaarfta `Ayinn, Waa ‘Liī Shhaa’niī Aşliiĥ Lā Kulaahuu ‘Illāhaa ‘Ant.

Steps to perform ruqyah (incantation) for eaten sihr-

  1. Sit in a calm and peaceful environment in an isolated place so that nobody can disturb you.
  2. Recite wazifa-e-Rehmat from Quran 7 times before ruqyah.
  3. Then recite ruqyah for eaten sihr 71 times in a day for 90 days.
  4. Every day you should put a freshwater bottle in front of you while reciting ruqyah. Then finished its water by drinking it.
  5. Lit a diya while doing

After completion of ruqyah for eaten sihr, you will find that your physical and mental problems because of eaten sihr is resolved.

Which Ruqyah Use For Sihr of Separation?

Ruqyah For Sihr of Separation, Sihr of separation is a black magic done to separate two people. Whether they are lovers, business partners or one’s family members, it is done to take revenge or harm someone.

Some of the reasons people do sihr of separation-

  1. To break the lover relationship if their lover is involved with any other person.
  2. To take revenge from others.
  3. Create differences between two people so that they go away from each other.

But no matter what kind of evil reason someone does sihr of separation to you. We are here to eliminate the sihr of separation and its evil effects on you by ruqyah for sihr of separation. This is used to negate the evil effects of the sihr of separation.

Because of ruqyah for sihr of separation, the differences occur between you and your lover due to some reasons is eliminated. After using ruqyah, you find that your relationship with that person is now getting better.

Ruqyah (incantation) for sihr of separation-

Alhumaa ant reebei  ilaahha illa ant ilaahha, khhalaacktani, wana abduuk, waana alaa ahdicka waa waahdick mstaata-hata, auuthuu biikaa min shre maa saanaa-hat, abuh laakaa bii nii’matekaa aaley, waa abouh bii theenebee faaghfiirlee faa inaawhoo  yeaghfre uthuunba ila ant

Steps to perform ruqyah (incantation) for sihr of separation-

  1. Sit in a place where no one can disturb you.
  2. Lit a Diya in front of an image of that person whom you think your relationship is deteriorated.
  3. Recite ruqyah for sihr of separation 51 times in a day for 100 days.

When ruqyah for sihr of separation is completed, soon, you find that your worsening relation with that person is now getting better because of ruqyah for sihr of separation.

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr?

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr? Sihr is black magic, which can create ruckus in one’s life. It hampers an individual’s life and degrade one’s quality of life. Many times in our life, it is difficult to notice sihr when there is some problem because of it.

It is difficult to judge whether it is a normal unfortunate event that occurs in our life, or it is because someone has done sihr or black magic. Because many times problems in life are natural, then we cannot think they occur because of sihr.

Affliction from sihr is of various kinds –

  1. Physical problems like sweating, headache, vomiting, and unbearable pain in the body.
  2. Mental problems like hallucinations or seeing unnatural things.
  3. To go away from the person whom you love and trust.
  4. Your thinking and decision making ability is reduced.

These are some kinds of affliction from sihr. Some symptoms indicate your affliction from sihr. Symptoms to indicate affliction from sihr-

  1. Exasperation and confused mental state.
  2. Too much stress in your life.
  3. Horrible and daemonic dreams.
  4. Sudden change in attitude, habit, and behavior of that person.
  5. Act strangely or unnaturally.

Through these symptoms, you know that you are afflicted by sihr or black magic. Now you have to find out which part of life is effecting most by sihr.

Whether it is physical, personal, or work-related because when you find that affected part, then you can do appropriate ruqyah based on that part to eliminate sihr.

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