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Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover
Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover, You certainly cast a sweet spell like honey on your love with the help of it. The mind and life of your love will sweetness like honey if you try honey jar spell to return a lover. This is a common method used in folk magic tradition, the purpose of honey jar spells is to get back the love of your beloved or partner. It is very common in hoodoo practice and it is known for some type of black magic uses.  Many cultures use magical spells through sweetener. They use a different type of ingredients, containers and rituals. You will need a container and honey in honey jar spell to attract love.

Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover
Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

You can use honey jar spell to return a lover to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you. Especially when you love someone and feels that he does not love you in the same way. When you are in love you want that your partner also loves in the same way. Sometimes you love a person and that person does not love you because of your love s one-sided. Besides that, it also happens that your partner is angry with you and he has stopped loving you. Moreover, he is planning to leave you for some other girl. This is certainly a painful situation for you and you try everything to come out of it. You should try honey jar spell to attract love at this point of life.

honey jar spell to attract love

There are times when some negativity comes in your love life. Your relationship with your partner becomes weak at that time. A small issue becomes the reason for big fight in your love life. You and your partner stop talking to each other and it is possible that your partner goes away from you. He is not ready to come back to your life for any reason. Moreover, all your efforts to bring him back are waste. It is obvious that you feel low and weak in such situations. But you should have faith and understand that there are ways to come out of this situation. One of the best ways is to use this spells.

You can certainly remove the bitterness in your love life with honey jar spell to return a lover. This spell is for romantic use like attracting your crush, attracting your lover etc. moreover, you can use this spell to sweeten your harsh relationship with other people also. You can certainly save yourself from the anger of your lover and other people with return a lover. The spells is so powerful that it can make the negative feelings of your love soft. With the help of this spells, your love will come closer to you. The method of using honey jar spells is simple and you can easily do this at your home.

How to make arrangement for this spell

You have to arrange some items to practice honey jar spell to return a lover. Firstly you should arrange a container like a mason jar. Make sure the jar has a proper lid to close it. It will be good if you choose a glass jar with a metal lid. Then you should take a paper and a pen with red ink.

Then write down the name of the person you love on the piece of paper with a pen. You should note that you have to write down the name for at least three times or not more than nine. You should write the name in odd number only like 3,5,7 and 9.

Now, you have to rotate the page 90 degrees and then write your name three times across the name of your lover. You have to write your own name for the same number of times. Now, the two names are crossed over each other. The name of the person you love will be under your name.

Now you should lightly make a circle around the two names. At this point, you have to write down your specific wish along the circle. You have to make sure that you are not giving any space and dots while writing your wish. You have to write in such a way that all the words are in one run which means there is no space between two words. Besides that, you have to write in such a way that the last word joins the first word to complete the circle. This is the practice of writing a wish in honey jar spell to return a lover.

Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover
Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

It is very important to pay attention to the procedure of writing in honey jar spell to return a lover. Like, you do not have to lift your pen while writing the wish along the circle. If by mistake you lift your pen in between then you have to take a new paper and start over again. Now, you have to fold this paper to bring your love towards you. You should fold the paper three times and then put in the jar. If you want you can place pictures also in the jar in such a way that picture sides are facing each other.

Now, fill the rest of the container with honey and take a candle of red, pink or white colour. Then you should rub the candle with some love oil like Adam and Eve oil, Return to me oil like that. Now, stick the candle on the top of the lid and light it. The next step of the honey jar spell to return a lover is to offer your prayers to the honey jar. Then you should sweetly speak to the candle in such a way that you are talking to your beloved. You should focus your attention on the flame of the candle you should make a wish for the return of your lover to your life. It would be very effective you spent time till the candle is completely burnt.

After this, you should slowly shake the honey jar. You have to practice a spell to return lover every day for the first week. Then, you can do honey jar spell 3 times a week. If you perform the spell to return a lover correctly you will get positive results.

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