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Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice
Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice

Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice


Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice, Yes. Allah is all about love. He wants his children to love each other and flourish. And most dear to him is the love of a man to a woman whom he created in his image.

Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice
Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice

So, if you are in love, take pride in knowing that you are being part of Allah’s grand design. Allah wants you to succeed in your pursuit of love and hence has laid out a blueprint of a sort to help you find the partner of your dreams.

Modern World has found many ways to help you find a suitable partner, but can it do miracles? No. There is no match to a sincere dua to marry someone of your choice. When you put your faith in the holy verses, miracles begin to happen in your life.

Allah gives his blessings to the desire of your heart and hence by praying to him, you will find all the answers you will ever need.

However, for a dua to work, your heart’s desire must resonate with that of the loved one. Allah doesn’t force any being against one’s wish.

If the heart of whom you seek is unclaimed and unattached, yet, you don’t know how to approach, then you will be able to win the heart of your beloved, by using the dua to marry someone of your choice.

With all the love in your heart, wish for the love of your beloved and then leave the matter in the hands of Allah. Follow the guidelines he gives, and you shall forever be soaked in happiness. Such is Allah’s eternal grace and love for his children.

Dua to marry girl of your choice

Allah asks only the purest of emotions from his children and he is willing to bestow upon them the richness of heaven. Do not deter from your pursuit and do not stray from Allah’s path. That is all that you need to do to take the full advantage of the dua to marry someone of your choice.


There are specific Quranic Verses to help you find true love. You can absorb the miracle of the dua to marry someone of your desired.

“As-ALLAHU Anyaj ‘ala baynakumwa-baynallazeena ‘aadaytum-minhum-muddatan. Wa-ALLAHU Qadeerunwa-ALLAHU Ghafooru-Raheemu. AjibyaJibraaeeluyaDardaaeeluyaRaftamaeeluyaTankafeeluBihaqqi la Ilaaha Illa-ALLAHU Mu’hammadurRasoolullahiwa ‘ala waliyyillaahiwawadooduyawahhabuyabudduhu al hubbifalanbintfalan ‘ala hubbifalan bin falan”

If done right, within weeks, you will see the true power of this dua to marry someone of your choice.If you surrender yourself to Allah’s wish and recite the dua sincerely, you will soon see that the marry dua can lead to your forever happiness.

Men should additionally recite the following dua to find a wife of your choice:

“Rabbi inne lima anzaltailayya min khayrinfaqeerun”

Men should recite at least 100 times, the above dua to marry someone of your choice.

While, Women can recite the following dua to find a husband of their choice:

“Waaldduha, Waallayliithasaja. Ma waddaAAkarabbukawamaqala. WalalakhiratuKhayrunlaka mina aloola. WalasawafayuAAteekarabbukafatarda. Alamyajidkayateemanfaawa. Wawajadakadallanfahada. WawajadakaAAailanfaaghna. Faammaalyateemafalataqhar. Waammaalssailafalatanhar. WaammabiniAAmatirabbikafahaddith.”

Women should recite the entire dua to marry someone of your choice, 11 times before zenith.


To make the dua most effective, you can even write the dua to marry someone of your choice on a piece of paper and keep it with you till the time you find your beloved. The process is simple. Just follow the instructions given below to get most out of the help of dua.

Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice
Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice

Dua to marry boy of your choice

  • Do wuzu before you start the process
  • Wear a clean cloth and apply good perfume on yourself.
  • Take a pen and write the above dua on a plain paper.
  • Mention the name and identity of your beloved in full details
  • Then, join your palms to pray to Allah to bless your heart and bestow upon it the love of your beloved.
  • Roll this paper, then wrap this paper in a clean cloth or plastic.
  • Then put this paper into a talisman and tie it to your right arm.
  • Wear the talisman on your arms till you start seeing the desired result.
  • Remove the talisman, before you enter any unholy place.
  • Within a week, you will see the result. If for some reason, the result is not apparent, keep wearing it longer.
  • When your desire is fulfilled, toss the talisman into a well or lake. Or if you can’t find any, then bury it in a clean place.

Insha Allah, like many others you too will soon be benefited

by the prayer and find the spouse of your choice. Keep your faith in Allah and follow the signs he gives you. He will lead you straight to the love of your life.


Remember, the prayer should be used only with purest intention. Without the purity of thoughts and emotions, no prayer will ever be accepted by Allah.

Also, it must be realized that the one you choose to marry must also be of the right age and available for marriage. The dua cannot be used to attract the love of any person, who is already committed to someone else.

In prayers lies the answers to all your desires. Surrender to Allah’s will and let his mercy bestow upon you all the richness of life that you deserve.

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