Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage 5/5 (23)

Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage
Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage, Wazifa have power to make agree parents for love marriage with desired partner. Since the first man and woman discovered love and nursed the desire to coexist as life-partners, perhaps from that day, parents have been the first hurdles the lovers have to deal with. Love itself bring a lot of challenges. But even today, their lovers who have suffered sorrow just because their parents wouldn’t accept their love.

Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage
Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

Parents who have raised their children for so many years, often tend to forget that they may have raised a capable and rational young child who may be able to take the right decisions in life. Usually, it’s the overprotective nature of parents, that becomes the reason for them denying the love affair. Sometimes, there are other personal reasons for which parents oppose a relationship. Whatever be the reason, for anyone in love, it becomes difficult, rather impossible to hurt someone in the bid to fulfill their love.

Often those who are timid, end up succumbing to parental pressures and sacrifice their love. And those who are impulsive, end up eloping. Both approaches result in someone being unhappy. If one can think beyond personal rationale and keep faith in Allah, there is a way where everyone becomes happy.

powerful wazifa to make parents agree for marriage

Parents may have their rationale and they would be convinced their decision is right for you, but if you can’t give up on love so easily, then you can use the wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage.

Quranic verses that are available to you in the form of amal, dua or wazifa all are devised so that you can tackle the challenges of life. And Parent’s rejection of your love is one of the common issues between generations. Quran provides the solution for the same, in the form of wazifa. If you and your partner are convinced that your love is for a lifetime and too precious a gift to let go, then you can together perform the wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage.

This is the safest amal that you perform as there is no complicated steps or instructions that you need to follow. All you have to do is perform the wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage, once and follow simple steps for 11 days. Without any conflict, your parents will come around and give their permissions to your relationships. You don’t have to sacrifice your love just because you think parents won’t agree. If your love is true, you can face the difficulties together and with the help of wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage, you canget them to accept your love.


The Amal must be performed only once properly. You will need salt for this wazifa.

  1. Get cleansed and do proper Wuzu.
  2. Take enough salt that could be used for 11 days.
  3. Place the salt in a vessel and place it on an elevated platform in front of you.
  4. Recite Durood Sharif, continuously 11 times.
  5. Recite YaWadudo, continuously 1001 times.
  6. Now chantSurah Fateha, continuously 59 times.
  7. Now chant the below dua once –

yaamusabbibalas baabiyaa mufattihala bwaabiyaa man haythumaa du-ee-yaajaaba.

  1. After that again read Durood Shareef, eleven times.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif again, continuously 11 times.
  3. Blow your breath gently on the salt.
  4. Pray to Allah to bless your love and clear all hurdles.

Now, you can use the energized salt for 11 days for preparing meals. Mix it with any dish that you can serve to your parents.

Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage
Wazifa to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

The boy must perform this wazifa at his home for his parents. Similarly, the girl must perform the wazifa to make parents agree at her home for her parents. Then on the day, as decided between the boy and the girl, they should approach their parents respectively and ask for their permissions. With Allah’s grace, your parents will grant permission to your holy marriage.

If for any reason, you feel both of you can’t perform this wazifa together, then it is better to not do it alone. In such a case, you can approach a local Moulvi or an Islamic Astrologer who can guide you on an alternative approach. If the Astrologer or Moulvi feels that it is best you don’t attempt the wazifa, they may do it on your behalf and provide you two taveez, that you and your partner can wear when you approach your parents next to seek their permission. Even if they have any concerns, you will be able to reassure them and get their approval.

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